Best Code Editor: Lapce

Introduction to Lapce: the blazingly fast code editor A brief summary... Lapce is written purely in Rust and a potential competitor to Visual Studio Code, along with Zed and JetBrains Fleet, a blazingly fast code editor of the 21st Century. It is currently in the pre-alpha stage of development. It has the potential to stand side by side with VS Code when the first major release comes up. One of the problems that I see with the current state of the development of Lapce is that, it has fewer contributors compared to older and more popular code editors such as VS Code....

October 8, 2022 路 4 min 路 824 words 路 Sean Miranda
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Get Started with NeoVim

What鈥檚 NeoVim? 馃嚦 It is an open source project, a fork of the modal text editor known as Vim. I prefer to refer to it as modern Vim, because they removed the old features and added new ones. As of this writing, the total number of stars on NeoVim鈥檚 repository is 55.6k. This means that programmers love this modal text editor. Installation Guide 馃搵 Windows (note: windows 8 or later are the only supported versions)...

July 12, 2022 路 3 min 路 569 words 路 Sean Miranda